A sense of solemnity in the lively, red and black color watch is recommended

Red is a radiant tone, and its atmosphere and high-level, as well as passionate and unrestrained character, are self-evident. On the contrary, black is more low-key and restrained, writing solemnity and nobility in every detail. When the two colors of red and black are matched together, the nobility is low-key and restrained, and the publicity is free and easy. Such two colors that complement each other and achieve each other are often used in watch production. Today, I recommend a red and black watch for everyone, suitable for friends who want to make bold changes but are worried about being too public.

Replica Breitling TOP TIME series A25310241K1X1

Product Model: A25310241K1X1
Domestic public price: ¥38000
Watch Diameter: 42mm
Case Thickness: 13.65mm
Movement Model: 25
Case material: stainless steel
Waterproof depth: 100 meters

Watch comments: People often say that “car watches are not separated”, most men have special feelings for complex machinery, and these two things happen to be very iconic masterpieces in complex machinery. In 2021, Replica Breitling launched three new racing-style chronographs based on the three sports cars of the 1960s, to a certain extent, to satisfy friends who are fascinated by retro sports cars. The design of this watch in the picture is inspired by the legendary sports car Chevrolet Corvette, a supercar that can be called the “national treasure” of the United States. The watch uses a stainless steel case with a diameter of 42 mm. The red dial is painted in a color similar to that of the car. The chronograph small dial is also designed as a dashboard shape, and the Chevrolet brand and racing logo are also located at the 12 o’clock position of the dial. The watch is equipped with a B25 automatic movement with a timing accuracy of 1/8 second and a swing frequency of 28,800 times per hour, providing about 42 hours of power reserve.

Summary: Although the watch recommended for you today uses a lot of red in the design of the dial, it does not give people a very publicized visual impact. On the contrary, because it neutralizes the stability of black, the watch looks quite calm and restrained. , If you want to buy a watch that is dazzling but not high-profile, you can pay more attention to the black and red watch.