Watch the new “Parrot Green” Water Ghost Rolex Magic Change

Belgian modified watch brand Designa Individual seems to be very interested in gradient dials recently, and they have created Submariner Parakeet, a peculiar green water ghost work with a green and black gradient dial, which combines replica watches uk Rolex’s representative green with trendy black. The perfect combination turns it into an improved masterpiece with more visual appeal than the original green water ghost.

The name of the watch – Parakeet (parakeet) is a bird with colorful and bright colors, of which green is the main color of the feathers on the parakeet, so DiW draws inspiration from the feather color of the parakeet, Give the dial a verdant green tone to establish a strong visual character.

▲Based on the active water ghost, and inspired by the feather color of the parakeet, a highly recognizable gradient green dial is created.

The stainless steel case and bracelet of the watch have been treated with DLC black plating and matte finish, while the bezel is replaced with carbon fiber material. The watch brand also paints the bezel every 10 minutes with emerald green that echoes the dial, which is extremely conspicuous under the dark carbon fiber bezel.

▲The case and bracelet are treated with DLC to form an all-black appearance. The bezel is made of carbon fiber, which not only has a decorative effect, but also reduces the overall weight of the watch.

In addition to the trendy and cool black case, bracelet and carbon fiber bezel, the dial color of the Submariner Persimmon is the biggest highlight of the entire watch. DiW referred to the feather color of the parakeet when creating, and they carefully selected bright colors. The bright green tone is hand-painted to complete the gradient effect of the dial. The control of color changes is a test of the skill of the modified watch brand. The gradient from green to black looks so natural in appearance. Changing the color from light to green layer by layer is actually more complicated and difficult than imagined.

▲The gradient effect of the dial changes from the top half to the bottom, and the colors including the second hand and the words “SUBMARINER” are also different from the original settings.

The final green gradient effect of the watch is very successful. In the past, the green water ghost 116610LV had to change the shades of light and light to be highlighted with the light and angle. Submariner Persimmon directly “fixed” it on the dial. At the same time, DiW also applied the second hand to the dial. Green and the words “SUBMARINER” at 6 o’clock are changed to gold to enhance the personality of the watch.

▲The trendy case is matched with the eye-catching dial color, and the Submariner Persimmon is hard to ignore when worn on the hand.

After the transformation, the new black green water ghost is limited to 15 pieces. The DiW price is 36,990 euros, which is about three times higher than the price of the green water ghost. , so that the watch owner can get equal satisfaction and feedback while paying a high price.