Bespoke Replica Rolex Datejust Single Hand Watch by Artisans de Genève

After legendary Italian midfielder Andrea Pirlo, Azzurri goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon commissioned Artisans de Genève to personalize his Replica Rolex Datejust . Watch custom modification is a relatively niche business, and there are not many brands that provide similar services, and Artisans de Genève is one of the best. It not only changed materials and repaints, but also worked closely with customers to completely reconstruct the concept of watches.

As mentioned earlier, Gianluigi Buffon selected a Replica Rolex Datejust for a custom modification. And Artisans de Genève has completely reconstructed this watch in his own style. The sapphire crystal dial is divided into two parts: the outer ring is treated with blue PVD and marked with white minute markers; The bezel is entirely hand-machined from a single piece of stainless steel, as opposed to the traditional fluted or smooth bezels we are familiar with. The top is decorated with the Paris nail pattern, which symbolizes the football goal net and pays tribute to the career of Gianluigi Buffon.

The hands are chamfered and blued, and the tips are hand-painted in red. Blue and red best embody Gianluigi Buffon’s story – blue represents stunning victories, while red represents obstacles he overcame during his illustrious career.

“The goalkeeper is very special, it’s a lonely and unique position. I’m also the last bastion in this 11-man team.” Gianluigi Buffon hoped that the bespoke solution would reflect this loneliness, expressing a feeling that transcends the watch , the distinctive “singularity”. Therefore, Artisans de Genève opted for a single needle design.

“Time never stops. Sometimes we want to go faster; other times, we want to stand still. Time moves in a given direction and never looks back. It is also said that time is naturally affected by everything; it is true. My wrist The watch is like me, as I envision it: unique, recognizable, lonely… that’s who I am. And when I tell this story, I find what I love most about watches meaning.”

As you can imagine, the modification of the Replica Rolex Caliber 3235 movement took a lot of time. Artisans de Genève rethought every element when redesigning and refinishing the skeletonised movement – the sandblasted and bevelled baseplate, the polished balance bridge, the skeletonised dial, and the fusion of modern material textures with traditional know-how.