About 70,000 yuan Black and white style chronograph recommendation

Black and white style can be said to be the most commonly used color combination for chronographs, such as the panda dial that everyone likes. In fact, it is the simplest color combination of black and white. During this time, I often introduce all kinds of colorful dial watches to you. Some watch lovers may have been a little tired of watching, so today I will bring you three chronograph watches with black and white styles.

Replica Omega Speedmaster 329.

Product Model: 329.
Domestic public price: ¥69600
Watch Diameter: 43mm
Movement Model: 9908
Case material: Made of stainless steel, polished and brushed by a composite process
Waterproof depth: 50 meters

Watch comments: Replica Omega launched a new Speedmaster series Chronoscope watch last year. The design of this series of watches is inspired by the Omega chronograph in the 1940s. For watch lovers, it is a surprise. There are still quite a lot of choices in this series, including blue plates, silver plates, and bronze gold materials. This black and white plate style is also the starting style of Ma Long, the brand spokesperson who just signed Omega. 43mm stainless steel case, the case is polished and brushed to meet the craftsmanship. The anodized aluminum tachymeter bezel is black with red elements, and the silver-white dial is set against the black sub-dial, with a serious panda plate design. However, the biggest highlight design of the watch is the “spiral” track pattern on the dial. The inner and outer three layers represent the tachymeter scale, the pulse meter scale and the distance measuring scale respectively. The watch is equipped with an Omega 9908 hand-wound Master Chronometer movement, which is resistant to strong magnetic fields of up to 15,000 gauss, equipped with a silicon hairspring and two series-connected barrels, which can provide 60 hours of dynamic storage after full winding. Water resistance up to 50 meters. Comes with a stainless steel bracelet.

Replica Breitling Legend Aviation Series YB04451A1B1X1

Product Model: YB04451A1B1X1
Domestic public price: ¥70800
Watch Diameter: 46mm
Case Thickness: 15.9mm
Movement Model: B04
Case material: stainless steel
Waterproof depth: 100 meters

Watch review: In November last year, Replica Breitling launched a new Super AVI (Super AVI) series watch, which is inspired by the 1953 “Co-Pilot” Ref. 765 AVI pilot watch and four legendary fighter aircraft. . I also introduced the military green plate style to you before, so let’s take a look at this black and white plate inspired by the Super AVI Mosquito Bomber today. The first thing to be clear about the watch is that this series of 46mm stainless steel watch diameter is quite attractive to wear, but as the only style in this series that uses a polished satin ceramic ratchet two-way bezel, if you can handle this size, the overall The wearing effect will definitely not let you down. The black dial with three silver-white sub-disks in the middle makes the watch visually contrasting. There is a second time zone display on the outer edge of the dial. It is used with the central red arrow pointer. When the flight watch is equipped with two places, it is also Classic combination. The watch is equipped with a Breitling self-made B04 movement with a fighter pattern printed on the bottom cover. After the movement is fully wound, it can provide 70 hours of dynamic storage, and the overall waterproof performance reaches 100 meters. Comes with a brown aviator-style leather strap with yellow lining and a folding clasp.

Summary: We have read all the models. The black and white style really matches the chronograph. Finally, let’s talk about the price. The Replica Omega Chronoscope watch, stainless steel style with stainless steel bracelet, is priced at 69,600 yuan. In terms of performance, it is worthy of being called the “strongest” observation watch in active service by watch friends. So if you like the list, you might as well pay more attention.