Arrow of Jones: IWC’s most classic manual movement

Watchers who are familiar with Replica IWC should know that the brand divides the movement into 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 series. The first few series must have been touched by everyone, but only the 9 series will be unfamiliar, because only the IW544907 minute repeater adopts the 9 series movement in the current products, and the high threshold makes it difficult for many watch lovers to see it. style. In fact, the IWC 9 series movement also had a basic model, which is the protagonist of this article: the Jones Arrow.

The Arrow of Jones is an early pocket watch movement of the brand, which is characterized by the use of extra-long speed hands for more precise control of the hairspring. Because the shape resembles a sharp arrow, it is named “The Arrow of Jones” (Jones is the founder of the brand, Florentine Ariosto Jones). In the Chinese bezel, many people are influenced by the homophone, and it is easy to mistakenly write it as the “sword” of Jones. Although this usage is not rigorous, it has actually been circulated for many years and has become another nickname for the movement.

IW5442 and Cal.98290 movementTime came to 2005, the brand excavated inspiration from historical classics, launched the modern style Jones Arrow, and classified it into the 9 series movement camp. The initial version Cal.98290 was only used for the limited-edition 2005 limited-edition IW5442, while the later version Cal.98295 spanned a longer period of time and was used from 2008 to 2014 when the series was discontinued.

Replica IWC325401 and Cal.98300 movement

In addition, the Jones Arrow movement has a Cal.98300 version for the retro pilot IW3654, a Cal.98800 moon phase model for the retro Portofino IW5448, and a gauge needle version Cal.98245.

Replica IWC544803 and Cal.98800 movement

Among the many watches using the Jones Arrow movement, the most representative must be the Portuguese series. The reason is that from the very beginning of the Portugieser series, it was designed for the assembly of pocket watch movements, with a huge dial size. As a pocket watch movement, even the modern version has a diameter of 37.8 mm, so the combination of the two is perfect. Secondly, the dial design of the Portuguese series is very classical and elegant, and the willow needles and Arabic numerals are in the same vein as the watches of the 1930s, which are very in line with the retro attributes of the Jones Arrow movement.

Replica IWC545405 and Cal.98295 movement

Regardless of the version, the Jones Arrow movement has a diameter of 37.8 mm, a vibration frequency of 18,000 vhp, and a theoretical power reserve of 46 hours. The movement is designed with 3/4 plywood, and the upper and lower plywood are polished with different textures, which is rich in layers. The upper bridge is mainly presented in Côtes de Genève, with the sunburst around the barrel. The IWC brand logo is engraved on the fish scale pattern of the bottom plywood, the number of gemstones on the edge and the information of the movement model are filled with paint, and the chamfering of the parts is polished, and the appearance is delicate.

Replica IWC545409 and Cal.98300 movement

You can also see the ring wire drawing on the gears, and the top 4 gemstone bearings surround the gold sleeve, and the details are more elegant. Gold sockets are designed to take advantage of the physical properties of precious metals to easily replace gemstone bearings without changing the aperture of the splint. Although the decorative attributes have been greater than the functional attributes since its development, it is still an element that only a few high-end movements have. Therefore, the Jones Arrow is worthy of the name of the IWC 9 series movement.

Replica IWC544404 and Cal.98245 movement

At the moment when the retro style is becoming more and more popular, the Jones Arrow is highly playable and collectible with its elegant appearance, unique arrow-shaped speed hand structure, and the rare “gold sleeve” in modern Replica IWC movements. From the limited edition in 2005 to the discontinuation of the last generation IW5454 in 2014, the Jones Arrow has gone through nearly ten years, and it is still attracting attention in the secondary market today, and it is also expected that this classic movement will return with a new look.