Avenue to Jane – IWC Portuguese Small Three-Hand Watch

Hello everyone, the watch we are going to talk about today is a small three-pin watch from the Replica IWC Portugal series. I said in a previous program that although IWC’s marine bronze chronograph was launched 8 years ago, I still think it is a chronograph worth buying by IWC, and today we say that this Portuguese small three-hand is my I think IWC is the most worthwhile dress watch.

Some people may ask, why do you have to mention marine timepieces when talking about Portugal? How are these two series related? As I said before, IWC has 6 series, two of which are related to the ocean, namely the Portuguese and the marine time series. The difference between the two is that the Portuguese is a watch above sea level, and the marine time series is Tables with belts below sea level. In addition to the connection in positioning, these two watches have one thing in common, that is, among all the watches of IWC that use high-grade movements, these two watches are the cheapest in their respective fields. To put it simply, we spent the least amount of money to buy a high-grade core from IWC.

All Replica IWC use 82 series movement, why I only recommend this small three-pin to everyone, mainly in the following aspects: 1. Recognition; 2. Letters on the dial; 3. High-grade movement; 4. price. Let me talk about recognition first. When it comes to Wanguo, there are three words that are absolutely inescapable, namely Portuguese Seven, Portuguese Ji and Dafei. This shows the status of the Portuguese series and the pilot series in the minds of watch fans. The most important reason why the status of these two series is so high is the recognition of the large thin dials of these two series.

This was done in order to see clearly when sailing and aviation. Now this is equivalent to a live advertisement. The dial is big, the characters are big, and the logo is definitely big. So people found that the original IWC looks like this. Although the small three-pin we are talking about today is neither a Portuguese seven nor a Portuguese gauge, its Portuguese bloodline is absolutely pure. Although the size is only 40 mm, the dial is larger than some 44 mm watches. Recognition and clarity.

The second is the letters on the dial. You may be surprised that there are no other letters on the dial except the place of origin, factory name and factory address? Is there anything special? I personally think that the biggest selling point of this watch is precisely because there are no other letters on the dial. This watch is the only one that does not write automatic among all the automatic, three-hand and men’s watches of IWC. I don’t know what everyone thinks about this word appearing on the dial. In short, I don’t think it’s better. It’s like writing 8AT on the back of the car. So compared with this word, the small second dial is obviously more advanced.

Now let me talk about the movement of this watch. This watch uses the 82 series movement produced by IWC. It has the unique ceramic pawl shock-absorbing winding system of IWC, which can resist shocks and shocks. The 82 series movement It is a high-level automatic movement second only to the 7-day chain in IWC. Although many Replica IWC watches use this movement, this small three-pin is the cheapest IWC watch using this movement, and the public price is 55500 , the price of this metal chain is 62900.

The above are some of my opinions on this watch. Please leave a message to tell us what netizens want to say about this watch. The watch house is only for you who love watches. See you in the next show!