Familiar taste – Panerai PAM00652

Hello everyone, Replica the watch we are going to talk about today is the pam00652 from Panerai. Why say it? I personally think that in the era when Panerai watches are getting smaller and smaller, the 652 is one of the few watches from Panerai that can still find the feeling of the past and has a relatively balanced performance in all aspects.

Although Panerai now divides the Luminor family into only two series, Luminor and Luminor due, in fact, the current luminor series still has two shapes of cases regardless of the diameter; one is a flat case back; The other is pillow-shaped. To say which is more flavorful, it is obviously the latter. We can see that the transition between the case and the integrated lugs makes the bottom of the watch very layered.

The case of 652 is made of 47mm titanium. These two points are very important. If 47mm is the soul of Panerai, then titanium alloy is the blessing of the soul, because the steel watch of 47 is too heavy. Another point is the way Panerai treats the titanium alloy case. At present, most of the titanium alloy watches on the market are frosted on the surface. Although this is scratch-resistant, it is not very good, but Replica Panerai’s approach is The bezel is polished and the case is brushed. This first makes the entire watch look layered, and secondly, it is not as high-profile as the full polishing process. There is also the case of Luminor. I think the best way to look is to use the same surface technology as the bridge guard and the case, so that the integrity will be strong. For this, let’s compare the watch model with fully polished and brushed bridge guards. Panerai Other models will understand. Although the dial of 652 has the ancestral “sandwich” mechanism of Panerai, the golden-brown luminous scale and hands still remind the vicissitudes of that era. It is precisely this color matching that makes such a modern function of countdown seem very historical.

The 652 uses the P.9100/R automatic chronograph movement entirely produced by Panerai, and the movement splints are all brushed and decorated. Too sloppy, too simple, and contrary to tradition, but I think it is this anti-traditional approach that created the Italian movement decoration style. If you look closely with a loupe, you will find that this seemingly rough decorative style, the details are actually quite in place, the edges of the plywood are chamfered and polished, and the screws are also countersunk, and also All mirror polished.

Finally, let me talk about the function of this watch. In addition to the common flyback timing, there is also a special function that counts down the regatta. Although most of us don’t have sailing boats, it is always ok to use this function for entertainment. Saying Someday there will be a ship? Someone once said that Panerai is so big and looks the same, what is there to do? For this idea, I used to think it was right, but then I found out that every time you look at it, you will Give you a new surprise. If you don’t believe it, try it. If you think the size of 47 is too big for daily wear, the 764 of 44mm is also a good choice.

The above are some of my opinions on this watch. If netizens have anything to say about this watch, please leave a message and tell us.