Hublot launches Big Bang “one-button” Marc Ferrero blue ceramic watch

The Replica Hublot Big Bang “One Button” Marc Ferrero Blue Ceramic Watch features the French artist’s most iconic paintings and is limited to 25 pieces, making it highly collectible. Blue ceramic, white composite resin and steel contrast with Ferrero’s signature flaming red lips. A wearable piece of art measuring 39mm in diameter, it proudly showcases the diverse faces of women. Among the various faces on the dial, which one represents your mood?

Undoubtedly the French artist Marc Ferrero’s most famous work, Lipstick is an ode to the uniqueness and diversity of women in the 21st century, revealing the captivating qualities of women. The original oil painting is a summary of Marc Ferrero’s ten-year artistic creation career. As soon as it came out, it was immediately selected by Replica Hublot and adjusted to the wrist wearing size.

On the blue lacquered dial, bright lips and large sunglasses immediately attract and firmly grasp the wearer’s gaze. While watching the passage of time, surround the 24-hour dial, presenting the hair made up of various faces and figures designed by Marc Ferrero. Diverse faces symbolize how many faces and expressions a woman has. Glancing at the dial, the woman transitions between #femmefatale, #influencer, #itgirl, #fashionista and #sophisticatedwoman, who is as diverse as the roles she plays in life.

The 39mm blue polished ceramic case, white composite resin, stainless steel and 42 diamonds combine painting and watchmaking to create a masterpiece of art. Feminine and versatile, the Big Bang “One Push” Marc Ferrero Blue Ceramic uses a patented “One Push” system that allows the watch to look different with just one touch. This watch is equipped with the HUB1710 automatic movement, which can provide a power reserve of 50 hours at full strings and can run for more than two days without interruption.