[Quark·Modern Labor Appreciation] Submariner-type Unexplained Water Ghosts after the 1990s

After about 30 years of production of the Submariner Ref.5513, the fifth-generation Ref.14060 appeared in 1989, achieving an overall improvement in performance. The mirror is changed from Ref.5513 plastic to sapphire, which increases the water resistance to 300m. The internal movement was upgraded from Cal.1520 to Cal.3000, achieving 28,800 vibrations. In order to prevent the reverse rotation of the bezel during diving, the bezel has changed from the original two-way rotation to one-way rotation, which greatly improves the safety of diving. In addition, the dial of the Ref.14060 at this time does not have the mark of [SUPERLATIVE CHRONOMETER] chronometer certification. The luminous paint of Ref.14060 uses Tritium (tritium) luminous that has been discontinued (now it will not emit light), and in 1999, when Ref.14060 was about to be discontinued, the luminous became Luminova luminous. By the way, the Rolex with Tritium (tritium) luminous light has now become a quasi-antique watch. It is a very popular second-hand Rolex recently. Friends who want to get started with antique watches actually feel that they can start from this. In addition, the Tritium (tritium) luminous changes to Luminova luminous, which is reflected on the dial by the marking at 6 o’clock from [SWISS-T<25] to [SWISS], and finally to [SWISS MADE].

After the calendarless water Replica Rolex ghost Ref.14060 was discontinued in 2000, the next model was Ref.14060M. It is no different from the old model in appearance. The biggest difference is that the movement has evolved from Cal.3000 to Cal.3130, but the dial did not add the words [SUPERLATIVE CHRONOMETER] until 2007, and the text at 6 o’clock is also inherited from the old one. The 2 lines of the paragraph became 4 lines. The laser crown with the Rolex anti-counterfeiting logo is added to the 6 o’clock direction of the mirror, and Rolex has added the anti-counterfeiting laser crown to all styles except green glass since 2003. The outer wall of the dial was engraved with the word [ROLEX] around 2007, and the serial number was engraved at 6 o’clock. Before that, if Rolex wanted to confirm the serial number of the watch, it was necessary to remove the bracelet to view it. Ref.14060M was probably discontinued in 2012. In terms of collection value alone, the Ref.14060M with a garbled serial number in 2012 is currently a bit higher than other years.

The next introduction is the 6-digit model without calendar water ghost Ref.114060, which was released in 2012, 2 years later than the calendar water ghost Ref.116610LN. Although the movement is the same as the old Ref.14060M model, the hairspring uses a more magnetically resistant blue Parachrom hairspring, and the shock absorption performance is also greatly improved. The specific changes are as follows:

・Case: The thickness of the lugs has changed from 2.7mm to 4mm, and the crown shoulder pads have also become larger, making the overall case look larger.

・Bracelet: Equipped with a folding Oysterlock safety clasp that can be adjusted in length without tools, and the Rolex Glidelock extension system, the middle part of the bracelet is also changed from hollow to solid. The head grain has also changed from the separate type of the old model to an integrated type.

・Bezel: Changed from an aluminum bezel to a scratch-resistant Cerachrom ceramic bezel with platinum-plated numerals on the scale.

・Dial: The hands and luminous scales are also thickened, greatly improving visibility; the luminous paint of the watch has become Chromalight long-lasting blue luminous with longer luminous time.

・Movement: Replaced with a paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring, making the watch more resistant to magnetic shocks.

Replica Rolex launched a new water ghost with a diameter of 41mm in 2020, and the production of the old Ref.114060 has also ended. The new calendarless water ghost Ref.124060 has been changed from the inside out. The case has changed from the traditional 40mm diameter to 41mm, which is also one of the biggest highlights. And as the diameter of the watch increases, the pointer, luminous scale and bracelet also become larger, but the number of links on the bracelet is reduced by one section. The internal movement adopts the latest Cal.3230 movement, and the kinetic energy reserve is increased to 70 hours, which is consistent with the new green water ghost, and the performance is greatly improved. In addition, a small crown is added in the middle of the words [SWISS MADE] at 6 o’clock on the dial to show the difference.

The above is the editor’s introduction to the waterless ghosts after the 1990s. I don’t know if you like the new or the old?