Replica Patek Philippe AET REMOULD creates green plate nautilus, the ultimate natural and advanced shade

AET REMOULD, a well-known watch modification brand, has launched a new product series, the Nature series, based on the classic Nautilus series. What’s special is that the dial adopts a natural and high-grade Biscay green tone, with a pure white ceramic case, giving a very unique visual experience.

The new work is named after the aqua green tone “Biscay Green”, which is said to be derived from the water color of the Bay of Biscay in Spain, giving people a cool and fresh feeling. The dial is covered with this color, which is very eye-catching and has a youthful and energetic demeanor. In fact, this is similar to the Nautilus 5711 Tiffany blue plate, but the final visual effect is very different.

In addition to the unique color of the dial, the original stainless steel case has also been replaced by white ceramic. The white ceramic is not only more textured, but its elegant look and feel is also more matched with the Vizcaya green tone of the dial, paired with the same pure white rubber strap, showing a seamless visual enjoyment.

In terms of details, there are many manifestations of brand characteristics, such as Replica Patek Philippe the words “AET REMOULD” printed on the bottom of the dial, and the AET REMOULD LOGO logo integrated into the crown position, all of which convey the confidence and appeal of the brand.

It is worth mentioning that, judging from the official preview image, this watch will also have pink and blue versions, which seem to be relatively fresh and transparent colors, so you can look forward to it.

The Richard Mille, Replica Patek Philippe Daytona and Royal Oak Offshore models launched by AET REMOULD have been very popular, and this new model based on the Nautilus series will undoubtedly satisfy many people. expect.