Rolex recommends scrapping tying sales

The tying of Replica  Rolex’s popular models has long been no secret.

“One watch, one price, super popular models need to bid.”

Everyone seems to be used to this.

But this time, tying, really! Possibly become history.

Confirmed news.

On Friday, Replica Rolex sent a mass email to domestic dealers. The content of the email is probably to suggest that dealers adopt a point-based consumption method for customers.

What is the points system? It’s actually Audemars Piguet. Want to start Bai Gangdi? You need to buy some stock items such as women’s journal full gold DD first, and only after a certain amount of consumption can you have the opportunity to apply for the queue.

To be more transparent: Rolex can only tie Rolex in the future, and can no longer tie other brands.

only. This email didn’t die. On the one hand, the wording used was advice. On the other hand, there is no clear explanation in the email about how to implement this policy.

However, many watch friends have reported that it is true that some dealers can only sell Rolex in tie-in sales.

“The original discussion was to build a red and blue circle with XXX, but the day before yesterday, I told me that the company’s policy had changed, and now it has become a female diary with two gold.”

The original intention of the policy, we believe, is good.

Many watch friends also applauded after hearing it.

But when it is really implemented, for ordinary consumers, are there really only advantages and no disadvantages?

First, many discounts on styles that are currently sold will no longer exist.

Second, Replica Rolex looks at consumption points. What do ordinary people use to compete with watch dealers who sweep the counter?

Another important point is that. When this policy is really implemented, the price of Rolex’s popular models in the secondary market will definitely usher in a wave of epic growth.