Romance of Cala Drova – 5227R

“A man’s elegance should start with a watch”. This sentence is a line that everyone often hears. Wearing a watch itself is a symbol of punctuality. In addition, the various symbols given by the brand suggest that the choice of which watch to wear is indeed a a puzzle. Here, the poisoner recommends a brand that you can’t choose wrong –Replica Patek  Phillipe Patek Philippe.

As the king of watches and clocks, Patek Philippe has been on the throne for nearly a hundred years, just like his slogan “No one really owns Replica Patek Philippe, it’s just for the next generation.” You can still be wrong in choosing him. It only means that you buy too few. Whether it is the formal CALATRAVA series or the sports NAUTILUS series, they are the benchmarks in the watch industry. Today, I dare to introduce the CALATRAVA series, which is also called Kara in Chinese. Zhuohua.


First of all, Cara Zhuohua has always been the foundational masterpiece of the Replica Patek Philippe watch era. It was first launched on the market in 1932, and the legendary 96 was born. The style adopts simple small three-pin, 31MM small diameter, flat-head aperture, slender and elegant lugs, and burnt blue dial (most of them), which still looks charming now. Active all year round and at auctions, it seems bland but its status is top-notch. Simply put, no 96 is embarrassed to say that he is the standard of antique PP enthusiasts.

The success of 96 has allowed Patek Philippe to continuously upgrade on this basis, extending a lot of CALATRAVA styles, and the styles are no longer limited to manual simple small three-pin, large three-pin with automatic movement and calendar, which has become a representative work of modern watches. , and later extended to more complex styles, and there are also minute repeater perpetual calendars like 3974, but what remains unchanged is the elegant casing, in which the simple design of the curved ear is timeless.


Among them, the brand released 5227 in 2013. Its model was improved and upgraded from the 5127 launched in 2008. Compared with the 5127, the size is larger. The bold groove design has greatly improved the temperament and recognition of the whole watch, and has become the most individual style of CALATRAVA’s existing styles. 5227 is excellent in all aspects. .

The 5227R has a case diameter of 39mm and is equipped with the automatic 324 SC movement, available in 18k yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. Today, I show this rose gold with an ivory white plate, elegant lines, low-key and classic design, no need for too many fancy collocations, and a perfect interpretation of what is the real king’s attitude.


The biggest feature is the redesigned hinged back cover. It is said that it took two years to design a hidden hinged back cover (which can be removed separately), which can be seamlessly integrated with the case when closed. It is often used in the era of pocket watches. It can not only appreciate the well-crafted movement inside but also protect the movement from collision and injury.

In the early days, 5227 will be engraved with brand model, serial number, metal imprint and other logos on the inside of the bottom cover. Later, it became a mirror bottom cover from the beginning of 58. If you buy it at the counter, you can also provide paid engraving services. The pattern is engraved on the inside, and every time the bottom cover is opened, the memories flood up, filling the style of the previous era. Comparing with 5227, Blancpain 6664 also uses the back cover of the official bottom, and its design is also a must. I wrote about the beauty of the moon phase of 6654 before. “.

Another big innovation is that the lugs adopt a bold and avant-garde aesthetic concept. With its soft lines and curved grooves, it is a rare design for watches. It is too thick to see, and it can be made into a slim one in reverse. Water snake waist, this design was later also used on other styles (such as 5905).

Caliber 324 SC self-winding movement, large four-arm Gyromax® balance with Spiromax® balance spring made of Silinvar®, oscillating frequency of 28,800 semi-oscillations per hour (4 Hz), ensuring the travel time accuracy stipulated by the Patek Philippe seal, That is, the daily error range is only -3 seconds to +2 seconds.

The low-temperature imitation porcelain plate surface, ivory white is warm and picturesque, the classical dress watch looks good with this plate surface, the slightly yellowed effect is like the natural aging of time and years, and it feels more and more simple and heavy. Since the production of the 5296 has been discontinued, there have been fewer and fewer entry-level watches with a lacquer finish, so take the opportunity to get on the car, maybe even the 5227 is ready to be discontinued.

The weather in Guangdong is sultry and humid. To be honest, it is not suitable to wear a formal belt watch, but a tiger sniffs a rose, and an elegant seed will always be planted in his heart. Wearing slippers, shorts, and a Patek Philippe can also collect rent, right?

Patek Philippe CALATRAVA Collection

Model: 5227R-001

Movement: 324 SC