Surprised] I heard that this Omega Seamaster is selling well

I have never been stingy in admiring the new 300-meter diving watch of the Omega Seamaster series, but I have never chosen to buy it. The reason is not only because of his own poverty, but also because of his hypocriticalness as a watch fan. The 300-meter diving surface of the Replica Omega Seamaster is aimed at mass consumers, not a few watch fans. Although the whole is sturdy, durable and accurate, it is inevitably lacking a bit of scarcity and maverick elements, until this black-and-white – the new 300-meter diving watch of the hippocampus series was born in jet black, swearing If you don’t buy a wallet below xx million, you will be ready to move again. And the title of the coolest Replica Omega Seamaster 300-meter diving watch has finally belonged.

The biggest highlight of the whole watch is the all-black aesthetics. The all-black aesthetics on the watch is actually not a new thing. The all-black watch has gradually evolved from the PVD coating in the early years to the later pursuit of the brand to the current all-ceramic solution, and the Oujinong black ceramic is by no means catering to the trend. Following the trend, Ou Ji tried a ceramic case containing tungsten and alumina in the 1970s, and is definitely an old player in the industry in the field of ceramics. As early as 2014, Ouji’s Speedmaster series had launched the dark side of the black moon, which was also made of ceramic material, and it was black to the end. And this black seahorse is also based on the black ceramic case, the dial, bezel, crown, helium escape valve, and even the buckle are all made of black ceramic. This kind of material consistency brings first and foremost the aesthetic value of harmony and unity. The solemnity of black is combined with the luster of ceramics, which is very cool, dynamic but not so detached. In fact, today, the Omega pair of black brothers are quite interesting. The dark side of the moon symbolizes the legendary experience of Speedmaster accompanying mankind to explore space and landing on the moon, and the black of this black seahorse is the mysterious darkness brought by the deep sea, representing the  accompanies human beings to explore the deep sea and create a proud history of deep diving world records, which is very in line with the spirit of the Omega brand: the pioneering spirit.

In addition to aesthetic factors, the whole body of black ceramics also gives users a very interesting psychological hint. Dr.Dre’s verse in “3 Kings” has a clear expression: “all black on my Al Capone shit”. Al Capone is a very well-known American black boss in the 1920s. All black gives top bosses like Dr.Dre a kind of motivation and mentality to fight against the world. And this is the spiritual power I think this all-black ceramic watch can give people, not because people are anti-human and anti-social like the villains, but because people are eager to break the old rules and forge their own path. And what could be more of a challenger, a rule-breaker, a “villain” than All Black? Pure black, no calendar, even details like the clasp are black ceramic, completely black and beautifully black. Like Steve Jobs wearing a black jumper, maverick and not willing to be mediocre.

In addition to black ceramics, it is still a familiar hippocampus 300-meter diving watch. The METAS-certified Prestige Observatory movement is equipped with extremely powerful technical parameters such as 15,000 gauss of super anti-magnetic, 5,000G shock resistance, and 300m waterproof, all of which have been completed by Ouji with ease.

It is worth mentioning that although it is a jet black model, it does not affect the time reading. This is due to the polishing and wire drawing composite grinding process used by Omega for this watch. The scale is polished, and the bezel is special. The matte texture originates from laser ablation technology, and the ripple patterns, scales and words on the dial are made of laser ablation technology. The rich layers created by different processes make this black seahorse, black and distinctive. of colorful. The diving scale, black PVD hour scale, hollow hands and dots at 12 o’clock are all covered with carbon black Super-LumiNova luminous coating to ensure the readability underwater as much as possible. After all, this jet black model belongs to The hippocampus 300-meter diving watch is a diving watch with red roots. From a practical point of view, the ceramic case is wear-resistant, lightweight, not easy to scratch, and hypoallergenic. In fact, it is a very suitable material for sports watches. Aesthetics and practicality are the characteristics of Ouji, and this black seahorse model is here. One point, very well done.

Under the 100 times + microscope, Omega’s scale production is fine and neat, and other

The size of 43.5mm means that this watch basically says goodbye to all kinds of formal wear. But as mentioned above, the pure sense of this all-black aesthetic, in summer, a plain T-shirt is obviously a good choice for pulling style but not publicity; in other seasons, a solid-color hoodie or round Collar sweater with jeans, and a pair of sneakers are obviously very harmonious as a daily commute. The lightness and scratch resistance of ceramics also make this watch a watch that can be worn during sports. Whether swimming or running, the powerful movement and light weight make the black seahorse keep accurate and stylish, and also Not too heavy and uncomfortable. Many watch friends have doubts about the size. The size of 43.5mm is indeed a bit big for Asians, but the all-black tone will visually appear to be more restrained in size, coupled with the lightweight ceramic material, it is more harmonious to get started, even the ladies around you In love with it. What is even more commendable is that Ou Ji has done a demonstration of the effect of different wrist diameters on the official website. Watchers who have doubts about the size can also log on to the official website to check.

The seemingly jet-black dial is actually not black to the end, not dead black, but shows different grayscales and even flashing effects under various color changes. In fact, a highly recognizable daily wearing experience

Finally, let’s talk about the price. The official price of this black seahorse is 69600. The price of nearly 70,000 is still a lot more expensive than the stainless steel hippocampus 300-meter diving watch. In terms of absolute price, 70,000 is also a battleground for sports watches, and many big brands have high-quality products at this price. But all-black aesthetics and black ceramics are all aesthetic elements that are in the air. Personally, I also appreciate the purity of black ceramic in almost every detail. What’s more, ceramics are indeed outstanding in functionality and beauty, and Ouji’s pricing logic is also self-consistent. It is indeed a good product with competitive and distinctive features. To make an inappropriate analogy, this is a product designed for Ducati owners, not Audi owners, and it’s a cool good watch.

This watch will be delivered at the flagship store first. It is very convenient for friends in first-tier cities and new first-tier cities, which is enviable. However, with the rapid development of the e-commerce field, we ordinary people in fourth-tier cities You can also buy through the official website, which is much more convenient than in the past, but you don’t have to envy others all the time…