The aesthetic presentation of carbon fiber, DiW gives the GMT watch a different style

Senior watch enthusiasts often dabble in the field of modification in order to pursue a more unique experience. Whether it is the combination of different materials or the redesign of the dial, the original watch can have a new charm.

As a well-known watch modification brand, DiW uses high-end carbon fiber materials to give watches a new visual and tactile experience, which has attracted the attention of many fans.

The Golden C watch is DiW’s most recent masterpiece, and in their official words, this watch ushered in a new era of composite material evolution, as it aesthetically combines the lightness of high-end carbon fiber with the smoothness of ceramic.


The watch is based on the Rolex Replica Watches GMT-Master II. The case is made of high-end carbon fiber and incorporates stainless steel elements. The overall black tone and irregular texture shape are unique. The small dots on the bezel are the distinctive presence of the Golden C watch. It uses small ceramic elements and is carefully placed to play an important aesthetic decorative role.

The black dial is paired with golden hour markers and hands, showing an elegant and luxurious texture. Not only that, but the digital scale and crown of the bezel also use this design language. The text printing on the dial is set against individual gold text in white, and the hands are covered with a luminous coating, which makes it easy to tell the time even in dark environments.

The back cover of the watch is also made of carbon material, and the visual look and feel is very unified. To complement the black case and dial, the watch is also paired with handcrafted black Nylon and a Velcro clasp.

In general, Rolex Replica Watches  has changed the previous image of the Greenwich watch with its own iconic carbon fiber material. The black case is decorated with various golden elements, and it has a classical beauty. I don’t know if you like it or not. Such a modification.