The deep diving weapon that can brush the street – Replica Omega Ocean Universe 6000 meters orange circle diving watch

Hello everyone, the watch we are talking about today is the Seamaster Ocean Universe 6000m Orange Circle Diving Watch from Replica Omega. The hippocampus 6000 is currently the deepest diving mechanical watch on the market and can be worn daily. There are currently seven models, 6 models in O-mega steel, black, orange, and blue bezels with a chain strap and tape, and a titanium alloy with a NATO strap. What we are talking about today is the orange circle tape.
Since this Seamaster 6000 belongs to the Ocean Universe family, the three-color bezel of black, orange and blue, I personally think the orange ring is the most representative, because orange represents the color of the reefs in the sea of Capri, I still remember it now When the orange circle hippocampus was just launched, it was a hard-to-see scene! Now the bezel material has become ceramic, and this orange seems to be a step closer to the color of the reef. And the scale on the bezel is also liquid ceramic.

In order to match the status of this watch as “Sea King”, Replica Omega specially used a newly developed material for it, called O‑MEGASTEEL. Because it is more winding, we will first call it Omega steel, which uses high-voltage electricity. Slag remelting method, the main purpose of this method is to improve the solubility of nitrogen in steel. The main role of nitrogen is to significantly increase the yield strength and tensile strength of austenitic stainless steel. And because the steel has been smelted to remove nickel and add manganese, its color will be brighter.

Regarding this material, the actual feeling is that the color is indeed white, and the strength and hardness From the data, the compressive capacity of Omega steel is 560Mpa, hardness 300Hv, 4.5Hm; 316 steel is 200-250MPa, hardness 200Hv, 3.9Hm; 904 steel is 220Mpa hardness 175Hv, 3.78Hm. As for the actual performance of this material, I will wait for everyone to verify it. In short, my most direct feeling is that this watch is really falling, but the tape will be better, lighter than the ghost king, so I have a special titanium case version. !

The size of this watch is 45.5 mm, and the diameter is indeed not small, but it is fine after wearing it, and it is not particularly large. The thickness of this watch is certain, because the thickness of the mirror is only 5.2 mm, but there are anti-reflective coatings inside and outside the watch mirror, so the thickness cannot be felt from the front, but from the side, it is not that kind of unacceptable thickness. , which is a little thinner than the Ocean Cosmos. As for the board layout, I appreciate the 6000 more than the Ocean Universe because there is no calendar. And because this watch has a dense bottom, the protruding helium escape valve is also missing, and the visual becomes more integrated.


This watch uses Replica Omega’s 8912 automatic movement, a dateless version of the 8900. I don’t want to go into details about the performance of this movement. What I want to say is that compared to the 32 series movement of the ghost king, I personally prefer the 89. The reason is very simple. I prefer the pin swing, and some friends will It is said that this structure will increase the wear and tear, but its advantage is high efficiency. The key is that it is really silent when it rotates. Compared with the really unbelievable sound of the bearing, the silence will appear very advanced.

Let me sum up in the end, when it comes to this watch, it is inevitable that the “Ghost King” is inseparable. First of all, in terms of technical configuration, it must surpass the “Ghost King”, but this is not important. The important thing is that it is more friendly than the Ghost King. First of all It is more comfortable to wear, followed by more colors and materials. Even if its financial properties may not be as good as Ghost King, I do not recommend giving up such an excellent product to choose a Ghost King with a price increase!

The above are some of my opinions on this watch. Please leave a message to tell us what netizens want to say about this watch. The watch house is only for you who love watches. See you in the next show!