The most cost-effective gold watch – Omega Seamaster 300 bronze gold watch

Hello everyone, the watch we are talking about today is the hippocampus 300 bronze gold watch from Replica Omega. When I first saw the re-engraved hippocampus 300 in 2014, the biggest feeling was that this watch is completely aesthetically backward, but with the As time goes by, I realize more and more that my thinking at the time was extremely naive, and it takes time to understand the beauty of classics.

Replica Omega’s Hippocampus 300 is based on the Hippocampus CK2913 launched by Omega in 1957 as a prototype, and a modern replica launched in 2014. It uses the latest watchmaking technology and has the same appearance as the historical model. Last year, Omega carried out another technical upgrade for the Seamaster 300 and launched 8 watches, namely 3 stainless steel versions, 2 platinum versions, 2 18K gold versions and a bronze gold version. Although Replica Omega has launched the upgraded hippocampus 300, the old model and the new model are still on sale at the same time. Should we buy the new model or the old model?

At this time, some netizens will say, do you still need to ask such a silly question? It must have been an upgraded new one. I will tell you my opinion below. I believe that most of the friends who want to buy the hippocampus 300 will not choose its precious metal version, so I will take the stainless steel version as an example to talk about the pros and cons of the new hippocampus 300 after upgrading.

Let me talk about the good aspects first. First, the movement has been upgraded from 8400 to 8912, which has reached the standard of the Observatory. Second, the lollipop second hand that appeared on the CK2913-7 watch is used, which is a tribute to the historical watch. Third, a sandwich dial that is more difficult to process and richer in layers is used. After talking about the advantages, I will talk about the shortcomings. First, the titanium alloy material is cancelled. Second, the ceramic ring is only provided for precious metal watches. If friends want ceramic rings and don’t want to spend too much money, in addition to buying old models, bronze gold is a better choice.

First of all, the color of bronze gold is between gold and rose gold, and it is a natural pair with the antique replica watch such as the hippocampus 300. Secondly, although the gold content of bronze gold is lower than that of 18K gold, there are many advantages of gold watches. The biggest advantages of gold watches are attractive color and stable nature. The composition of bronze gold is mainly composed of 50% copper and 37.5% gold, and the other 12.5% is composed of silver, palladium, gallium and other elements. Our common bronze watch looks like a “gold watch” when it is new, but after a long time it will turn black or appear patina. Although the patina contains your DNA, it is really hard to wash when it gets on clothes. The palladium and gallium in the bronze gold will maintain its color stability and prevent the occurrence of oxidation. Even though the color will darken over time, it is also a dark gold effect.

Third, we will clearly see three precious metal marks on the inside of the case and lugs, namely Au375, dog head and balance, which can only appear on gold watches, which proves that bronze gold is a veritable precious metal material. Fourth, the most important advantage of bronze gold is the price. Although the bronze gold Hippocampus 300 is more than 40,000 yuan more expensive than the stainless steel model, it is much cheaper than the 18K gold watch that costs more than 230,000 yuan. For less than 100,000, buying a precious metal diving watch with powerful functions and higher configuration than the stainless steel version, I personally think it is still very cost-effective.

The above are some of my opinions on this watch. Please leave a message to tell us what netizens want to say about this watch. The watch house is only for you who love watches. See you in the next show!