The original look of the watch-Replica IWC Portofino three-hand watch

Hello everyone, the watch we are talking about today is a Portofino three-pin watch from Replica IWC. This watch can be said to be an evergreen tree for entry-level watches. Let’s take a look today to see what kind of charm can make this watch enduring for a long time!

IWC’s Portofino series was born in the 1980s. The name comes from the famous seaport town in northwestern Italy. In view of the beautiful scenery of this town, not only watches, but also brands in other fields like to use this town’s Name your own products, and most of the products with this name are also interpreting the style of simplicity, elegance and tranquility!

Today, the family of Portofino watches is growing, from 34mm to 45mm, anyone can find the perfect size for them in this collection. The 39mm junior needle we are talking about today is the most friendly watch among the many watches in the family. A watch can become an evergreen tree. One of the most important reasons is the classic appearance. From the first watch in 1984 Until now, Portofino has always been the most traditional classical formal dress style, and you can’t fault it at all, because Replica IWC has continuously optimized the watch to make it what it should look like.

As a big three-hand calendar watch, it seems that there is nothing unusual about it, but with the excellent proportions of the hands, scales and hour markers, no matter what level it is placed, its appearance is not lost. In addition to its appearance, its thickness of less than one centimeter can cope with various occasions calmly. In short, the only shortcoming I can find in the appearance of this watch is that it would be better if a 39mm small three-hand can be launched in the future.

This watch uses IWC’s 35111 automatic movement, which can be said to be the Replica IWC version of 2892 or SW300. Although this movement does not have those so-called dazzling halo and cool black technology, it does not mean that this movement cannot serve you intimately. This is like the beautiful town of Portofino, why it can attract many famous politicians, financial tycoons and celebrities from all over the world. Not because of the tall buildings and new-style buildings, but because all the houses there have at least one window facing the azure bay. The price of this watch is 39,500. I think it is less than 40,000. Nowadays, it is a very correct choice to buy a watch with a famous brand, pure blood, outstanding appearance, excellent workmanship, suitable size and stable performance.

The above are some of my opinions on this watch. What do netizens want to say about this watch? Welcome to leave a message and tell us, the watch house, just for you who love watches, we will see you in the next program!