The same carbon fiber used in racing cars to see how they perform on the watch

Carbon fiber can bring weight reduction like a racing sports car to the watch, especially some large-sized carbon fiber watches. The lightness also makes the watch feel very different. For many watch lovers, they like this kind of lightness. In the field of watches, many brands have been thinking about how to integrate carbon fiber materials into watch production from a very early time, so today I will introduce two more representative carbon fiber watches to you.

Replica Hublot BIG BANG 642.QG.0181.RX.CAM22

Product model: 642.QG.0181.RX.CAM22
Domestic public price: ¥222700
Watch Diameter: 42mm
Case Thickness: 14.90mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: HUB4700
Case Material: Add Green Micro-Glass Fiber Carbon Fiber
Waterproof depth: 100 meters
Watch details:

Watch comments: First, let’s take a look at a different carbon fiber watch. We still see a lot of black in conventional carbon fiber watches, but we have talked to you before, and when carbon fiber is used up to now, various brands will feel that it has a visual effect. It’s a bit single, and for some material masters, it can’t satisfy them. Replica Hublot is one of them, so I can see him starting to think about how to play carbon fiber with tricks in recent years. At the beginning of the year, Hublot launched this new BIG BANG soul green carbon fiber camouflage watch, which not only has the lightweight and comfortable characteristics of carbon fiber, but also incorporates green camouflage on it. The BIG BANG Soul series has an iconic barrel-shaped case with a diameter of 42 mm. The reason why this carbon fiber case can have a camouflage effect is that Hublot has incorporated green glass fiber in the production process. On the hollowed-out plate of the watch, camouflage patterns and satin patterns are made like the case. The watch hands, hour markers, including the window edge, sub-dial and other details, are all coated with 3N gold. The watch is equipped with a Hublot HUB4700 movement, which can provide a power reserve of 50 hours, and is equipped with a camouflage rubber strap.

Replica Panerai Sneak Series PAM01232

Product Model: PAM01232
Domestic public price: ¥133100
Watch Diameter: 44mm
Movement Model: P.900
Case Material: Carbotech™ Carbon Fiber
Waterproof depth: 300 meters
Watch details:

Watch comments: At the Geneva “Watches and Miracles” Haute Horlogerie Exhibition, Panerai also launched this year’s new 44mm sneaker series. The PAM01232 in the picture is also the current flagship model of 44mm size. It is applied in the material. Made from Panerai’s lightest material, Carbotech™. This kind of carbon fiber is always introduced to watch friends. One is light, and the other is Panerai. The carbon fiber texture effect is very similar to the tree ring texture, which is also different from other conventional carbon fibers. Panerai used it to echo the deep-sea blue plate to echo the origins of the sneak series models and the underwater exploration of the ocean. The pointer hour markers are all clearly recognizable in the dark underwater environment. In terms of movement, it is equipped with a P.900 self-winding mechanical movement, which is mainly designed for thinness, only 4.2 mm thick, and can be fully stored for 3 days. The watch comes with two eco-friendly material straps, a blue rubber strap and a recycled fabric woven strap.

Summary: In fact, everyone likes carbon fiber, not only because of its light weight, but also because of various unique textures, it can really make the watch cool and sporty, but carbon fiber watches have been in the past two years, I think it is also obvious Seeing that there are fewer and fewer brands, some brands used to play carbon fiber very well, but they have not done so until now. The center of gravity in the field of innovative materials has shifted to titanium metal or various colored ceramics, and the price is not like titanium metal. With all kinds of ceramics, as the technology matures, the price is getting lower and lower, carbon fiber has always been at this price, and it is an advanced choice for high-end sports watches. The two carbon fiber watches listed above are also new products this year, starting from 130,000. If you like it, you may wish to pay more attention.