【Quark·Modern Labor Appreciation】Steel Yacht-Master 2

In 2007, the “Yacht Master II” was launched as a yacht racing model, equipped with the world’s first programmable countdown function with mechanical memory (regatta chronograph). Sailing is one of the water sports, and it is a sport in which athletes drive sailboats to compete at the speed in the specified venue.

At the time of its release, the Yacht 2 was only available in platinum and gold. In 2011, the rose gold version was added, while the steel version was the last to be launched. The steel model Ref.116680 joined the Yacht 2 family in 2013. The movement Cal.4161 they are equipped with is based on the (Daytona) movement Cal.4130, a traditional movement Cal. The .4160’s countdown mechanism has been upgraded with improved performance and is patented. Also known as the Ring Command Bezel, the bezel connected to the movement enables simple operability. The bezel plate is made of ceramic material, which has excellent corrosion resistance and scratch resistance, is not easy to fade, and has both practicality and beauty. In addition, the case and bracelet are made of stainless steel “904L steel”, which has high hardness and excellent corrosion resistance, is more practical than the gold version in all situations, and is a professional marine model.

The dial of Ref.116680 has undergone slight changes after 2017, and the initial style has only been in circulation for about 4 years. The initial pencil-shaped blue steel needle has a hollow design for the pointer part. The hour markers are uniformly square, and the metal frame is also blue. After 2017, the same Mercedes-Benz pointer as other sports models is used. For the hour markers, the new 12 o’clock is triangular and the 6 o’clock is rectangular.

Summary: The most important point is the official price of Replica Rolex. If you compare it with the steel Daytona, you will find that this model is about 2w higher than the Daytona, which is the official price higher than that of the Daytona. Although the popularity is not particularly high at this stage, if you imagine this popularity is higher than the former, then its price will definitely be higher than the former. As a possibility, you can still look forward to it.