AET Remould Sparta series new watch, the wonderful collision between camouflage and sapphire

The German factory Aet Remould has launched a new watch. Replica Based on the royal oak tree offshore, it is the second watch of the Sparta series. Earlier, we have introduced the first watch of the Replica AET Remould Sparta series. This new work still continues the wild and tough guy style, and uses military camouflage patterns to create a highly eye -catching visual experience.

The new work is “Chameleon”, which means a color change dragon. In the combat environment, camouflage is a common camouflage. Because its texture and color are close to green, similar to the environment color of the forests, grasslands and other areas, can play a good concealment effect. Changing its own color is the “camouflage master” of nature, which may be the origin of the new name.

Speaking of the watch itself, the overall color of the watch is mainly green. The camouflage pattern of the dial uses dark green, light green, brown, and hexagonal military texture graffiti, which has a very rich visual layering. On this small white timing dial, refer to the sights on the firearm. The time ring on the edge is covered with green and dotted with irregular small dots, extending from the outside to the inside.

The center second hand of the dial uses brown graffiti and incorporates the AET Remould Logo logo at the tail. It is eye -catching and personality. The crown button and the eight screws on the back of the watch are also incorporated into the brand logo. The fastening ring on the back echoes the time ring of the dial, and the green dot decoration is added while covering the green.

In addition to the design, the materials used in the new work are also a major feature. The dial, bezel, case, and bottom cover are made of sapphire crystal. The visual perception is very pure, and it also sets off the dazzling camouflage pattern. In fact, sapphire crystal is also the “signboard” of the AET Remould brand, and they have used this process as a furnace.

AET Remount depicts the masculinity of the watch with a stylish and classic military camouflage element, and extends modern interpretation of Sparta spirit. Unlike the first Spartan series Lochagos watch, different from the blood and spirit of the soldiers, the new work more reflects the contemporary understanding of the spirit of Sparta.

In terms of design, the two Spartan series watches can be said to be in the same line, such as the echo of the front chronograph scale ring and the back part of the fixed machine ring, the color coverage of the central second hand and the LOGO logo, etc. Overall, this is a watch with AET REMOULD characteristics, and one of the few large-sized watches on the market that combines camouflage elements with sapphire crystal.