Car watch body – TAG Heuer Carrera carbon fiber chronograph

Watch said] Hello everyone, the watch we are going to talk about today is the Carrera carbon fiber chronograph from Replica TAG Heuer. Why say it? Because it is unique, this is the only carbon fiber chronograph with a self-produced movement that you can buy within the price of 60,000 yuan.

I just mentioned the four elements of this watch, namely, the carbon fiber case; the self-produced movement; the chronograph function and within 60,000 yuan.
Let me talk about the first element, carbon fiber. Carbon fiber, a material that was born in the 1980s, is not new today. It has been used in the watch field for nearly 20 years, but why is the carbon fiber case still a selling point? ? In fact, the cost and processing difficulty of the carbon fiber case are still higher than other materials. We only need to observe what most of the watches that use carbon fiber as watch cases are and their price points, and then we will understand whether the carbon fiber case is a selling point.

In addition, from the pattern of the case, this watch uses not traditional carbon fiber, but forged carbon fiber. To put it simply, forged carbon fiber is different from the previous carbon fiber woven carbon cloth. The carbon cloth is layered layer by layer. It is formed by soaking chopped carbon fiber and epoxy resin, and then forming it in a hot press under high pressure. The advantage of this is that it will make the material lighter and stronger, just like the forged aluminum alloy wheel of a car is at least one-third lighter than the cast one, for a watch, the biggest advantage of forged carbon fiber is the irregular pattern on the surface. Better looking than the previous ruled small squares. And today’s racing cars and supercars are using forged carbon fiber. As a representative of racing watches, the use of forged carbon fiber not only looks better, but also matches its racing DNA.

After talking about the case, let’s talk about the movement. This watch uses the heuer02 automatic chronograph movement completely produced by TAG Heuer. All along, Replica TAG Heuer’s achievements in the field of independent chronograph movement research and development and innovation can be said to be dazzling! However, these achievements were only used in a small part of TAG Heuer’s products. It was not until the appearance of the heuer02 automatic chronograph movement that the public began to benefit. Thanks to the endorsement of the predecessors and the test of the market, all aspects of the heuer02 movement The quality of the company is now very mature, and it belongs to the category of buying with eyes closed.

Finally, I want to talk about the appearance of this watch. In fact, I rarely comment on the appearance of a watch, because it is a matter of opinion. But I really think this watch is very beautiful. If the water ghost is the template for diving watches, then Carrera is the template for racing watches, which is what a racing watch should look like. Especially when I add the hollow dial; the exposed calendar; the forged carbon fiber case; the 80-hour power self-produced chronograph movement and the price of less than 60,000 together, I think this watch looks better. .

The above are some of my opinions on this watch. Please leave a message to tell us what netizens want to say about this watch. The watch house is only for you who love watches. See you in the next show!