Rolex Oyster Steel Color Dial

When it comes to the entry-level model of Rolex, we have to mention the Oyster Perpetual, which is a watch that inherits the origin of the world-famous Replica Rolex to this day. The Oyster Perpetual is equipped with two of Replica Rolex’s three major inventions, the “Oyster case” and the “Perpetual”, which means a self-winding watch with a waterproof and dustproof case. Based on this model, other models such as Explorer and Submariner are released.

Before 2019, there were only basic black, blue, etc., and a series of renovations began in 2020. All 9 colors, can be said to be very beautiful, whether it is going out or going to work, not to mention versatile, but also particularly eye-catching. It can be said that in addition to the basic silver, black, and blue, other new colors are popular styles. ※The following picture information comes from quark or turquoise blue, from the beginning no one cares, to the color similar to Patek Philippe’s Tiffany blue dial. The rise of the market once surpassed that of the sports Daytona, which really surprised the editor.

Swiss luxury watches “PATEK PHILIPPE” and “TIFFANY & CO.” have released limited edition models to commemorate the 170th anniversary of their collaboration. This time the Nautilus “Ref.5711/1A-018” with a “Tiffany Blue” dial. The “Tiffany” logo is written at the 6 o’clock position and the “Patek Philippe” logo is written at the 12 o’clock position. The back cover is a sapphire mirror design and is engraved with the 170th anniversary engraving, and only 170 pieces are available for sale.

After the new launch in 2022, some styles with the same color dial and different sizes disappeared. As we all know, if you can’t find the style you want on the official website of Rolex, there is a small probability that it is a hidden style that is not open to everyone, and there is a high probability that production is discontinued.

Red, yellow, turquoise blue with a diameter of 41 mm, and red and yellow with a diameter of 36 mm. Although the price has increased after production was discontinued, it is an entry-level model after all, so it is not as exaggerated as expected. ※The exception is turquoise blue.

The movement used is the same as the new calendar-free water ghost Ref.124060, Explorer I Ref.124270, etc. The Rolex movement needless to say, understand everything. The plus or minus error is within 5 seconds every day. If not, when the editor did not say.

To sum up, the colors that have been discontinued in just 2 years are not reminiscent of those ultra-rare styles in the antique Replica Rolex. It may be too early to say this, but I believe that in the near future, this will also become a capitalist. One of the collections.