Finally got it! Is the new Cartier Tank Must worth buying?

When it comes to Replica Cartier Tank, everyone must be familiar with it. As its name suggests, the square case is like a top view of a tank. The lugs of the watch are completely integrated with the case. The unique shape is highly recognizable. It has been popular for more than a hundred years. A classic among table classics. Just this year, the brand launched the Tank Must series to replace the entry-level Tank Solo that has been on sale for many years. After wearing the “plus-sized” mechanical Tank Must for a period of time, the author will talk to you today about how it is different from the previous one, and whether it is worth buying.

Tank Must watch from the 1970s

Strictly speaking, the Tank Must is not a new collection, because watches with this name appeared in the 1970s, and it is a return to use it again. The word “Must” has the meaning of “must” in both French and English, and its extended meaning is the basic item that must be owned. Before the “Quartz Storm” came, Replica Cartier Tank mostly used precious metal cases, which were naturally expensive. In order to better compete with Japanese quartz watches, the Tank Must came into being. Under the premise of maintaining the same appearance, the movement was replaced by the popular quartz movement at the time, and the case was also changed from pure 18k gold to silver with gold plating on the surface, which was later called “gold-clad silver”. The above changes are all to better control the cost and reduce the price, so the purpose of Tank Must is very clear, that is, to be the most basic entry model of the Tank series.

WSTA0040 and WSTA0041 and WSTA0042

Tank Must continues the model model of three different sizes, which are called “Small”, “Large” and “Extra Large” according to the official brand name (note that there is no medium size). Among them, the small and large use quartz movement, but the brand does not provide the detailed parameters of the quartz movement; the large one is the Cartier 1847 MC self-winding movement with a 42-hour power reserve. The basic three-pin self-produced movement has been used in major series before, and I believe everyone has seen its performance.

“Extra Large” WSTA0053

Compared to the Tank Solo, the new Tank Must has not changed much in size, but has increased. Among them, the small size is adjusted from 22*29.5mm to 24.4*31mm; the large size is adjusted from 25.5*33.7mm to 27.4*34.8; and the width of the plus size mechanical model remains unchanged at 31mm, but the length is slightly increased from 40.85mm to 41mm , it can be said to be a slight change. If you have worn Tank Solo before, you will be able to adapt quickly without any sense of disobedience.

Tank Solo vs Tank Must (Large)

Generally speaking, the brand usually does not make drastic changes to the iteration of the classic series, especially the entry model, and the same is true for the Tank Must. Without some knowledge of watches, I believe most people can’t quickly tell the difference between the new Tank Must and the Tank Solo. When I got the new model, the first impression was that the case became more rounded. Compared with the clear water chestnut design of the Tank Solo, the edges of the Tank Must case are smooth and smooth. This design style is more like the original Tank Louis. A classic tribute. In addition to the differences in the case, the changes are also reflected in many details: for example, the iconic gemstone of the crown is sharper and slender, the shape of the steel band has been changed, and the middle of the “large” mechanical dial uses the same fish scale radiation as Tank Louis. tattoos, etc.

WSTA0055 and WSTA0056 and WSTA0054

“Large” also brings three new colorways, which are also the most striking focal points of the Tank Must series. The dial adopts low-saturation and dark red, blue and green. Except for the brand LOGO, there are no elements such as time scales and track scales, and it uses a two-pin minimalist design, showing a unique retro texture. This can’t help but remind me of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual. Also as an entry-level series, the Oyster Perpetual has achieved great success with “candy color”, so there is reason to believe that the color plate Tank Must is also a reasonable attempt by the brand for the market.

WSTA0053 wearing renderings

For the watch friends who choose the entry-level series, the price is often an important factor affecting the purchase. Compared with Tank Solo, the price of Tank Must has increased slightly, but considering the public price of the watch has been raised year by year, the increase of the new model is reasonable. As a new generation of entry series, the appearance of Tank Must replaces the Tank Solo series launched in 2017. At present, the Tank Solo watch has been removed from Cartier’s official website and e-commerce flagship stores. It is foreseeable that for a long time in the future, the appearance of the Tank Must series will remain stable and become the main force of sales. Therefore, for the watch friends who are considering buying Cartier Tank, it will be a good time to start the Tank Must at this time.