Leisure and sports Different choices of perpetual calendar watches

The perpetual calendar, the minute repeater and the tourbillon are also known as the three major complex functions. It operates through the precise mechanical structure of the movement and can automatically distinguish leap years and large and small months. It has also been called the most practical complex function by watch friends and is widely sought after. From the end of February to the beginning of March every year, it is the favorite day of our forum perpetual calendar watch friends. Talking about it with you today is also because everyone’s first reaction to the perpetual calendar watch is some exquisite dress watches, so I thought of introducing two different casual and sports style perpetual calendar watches. Let’s take a look How these models differ from traditional classics.

Replica Panerai Lumino series PAM00742

Product Model: PAM00742
Domestic public price: ¥361200
Watch Diameter: 44mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: P.4100
Case Material: Goldtech™ Material
Waterproof depth: 50 meters

Watch comments: Let’s first look at the Lumino series perpetual calendar watch launched by Replica Panerai in October last year. I personally think the blue and gold color scheme on the picture looks better in this series. Panerai’s iconic cushion-shaped case is made of Goldtech™ red gold, the brand’s patented precious metal alloy that is richer in tone and more resistant to corrosion because it contains platinum and a higher proportion of copper. The diameter of the watch is 44 mm, and there is a crown guard on the side. The blue dial of the sandwich structure is decorated with a sun pattern effect. In order to retain the simple and clean design style of Panerai, the layout of the dial is specially designed. Only the day-date, the GMT hand and the small second hand at 9 o’clock and the dial are left on the front. Day and night display plate, other functions such as month, year, leap year, dynamic storage display are set on the back of the watch, while reading the data, you can also appreciate the 22K gold micro oscillating weight next to it, and this Panerai perpetual calendar It shows that it can be easily adjusted through the crown, there is no time adjustment restricted area in the traditional sense, and there is no need to take a tool to poke the case. The watch is equipped with a new P.4100 self-winding movement. The double barrels can provide 3-day power reserve. Thanks to the compact structure and offset layout of the oscillating weight, the thickness of this large complication movement is also controlled within 7mm. Comes with a dark blue Patina alligator leather strap with ecru stitching.

Replica IWC Pilot IW392202

Product Model: IW392202
Domestic public price: ¥319000
Watch Diameter: 43mm
Case Thickness: 15.9mm
Movement model: 89630
Case material: 18K red gold
Waterproof depth: 60 meters

Watch review: Replica IWC launched this pilot perpetual calendar chronograph watch “Little Prince” special edition at the Geneva Watch Fair in 2019. The watch continues the iconic design of the midnight blue dial of the Little Prince series timepiece and matches it with an 18K red gold case, but the size of the entire watch is 43.0 mm and the thickness is 15.9 mm, which is still a bit challenging to wear, especially the thickness. However, this is the first time that IWC has integrated the perpetual calendar and timing functions on the pilot series. The thickness of the movement brought by the versatility is understandable. Therefore, the shape of the watch face is a bit like the original Da Vinci series perpetual calendar, but It is not a Dafei perpetual calendar with north and south moon phases. There are four sub-dial displays on the midnight blue dial. The sub-dial at 12 o’clock integrates the hour and minute timing, and there is a moon phase display window below. The 3 o’clock dial is the date display, and the 6 o’clock is the month display. There is a small second hand inside, at 7:30 and a rectangular window for displaying the year, and the day at 9 o’clock above. The watch is equipped with an 896.3 million IWC-manufactured movement, which can provide 68 hours of power reserve when fully wound. The timing function of this movement also supports flyback timing. The waterproof performance of the entire watch is 60 meters. The same IWC original mechanical perpetual calendar system , not only shows accurate synchronization, but also can be easily adjusted with one button through the crown. Equipped with a brown leather strap, the watch is limited to 250 pieces.

Summary: The sports-style perpetual calendars listed above, as a large complex function, have no choice in performance. In appearance, this casual and sports-style perpetual calendar is actually eye-catching and highly recognizable. These two models are also the most popular. The blue plate style is very good, and it combines the luxurious feeling brought by precious metal materials. Panerai uses blue and gold color matching to show the classic design. The back-through perpetual calendar allows the complex functions and exquisite movement to be displayed only to the wearer. The use of precious metals also makes this Lumino, like the world, formal, casual and sports. All of them can be controlled, and as a luxury sports watch, the Maltese cross element of the whole watch is very recognizable, combined with the multi-function display of the perpetual calendar, as well as the most important ultra-thin casing and the excellent comfort brought by the size. , worthy of the ceiling of the luxury sports watch. IWC’s Little Prince Perpetual Calendar has a very good texture. When you hold it in your hand, you will feel the rare delicacy and luxury of a pilot’s watch, and it will be more stylish after you get started. Of course, the size of this watch is still a bit picky to wear.

Panerai and IWC also have a feature, that is, we know that ordinary perpetual calendar watches are fine to wear every day. Once they stop and go, it is still a bit troublesome and cumbersome to adjust the time. You have to use a special adjustment pen to poke the preset adjustment position of the case, but if there is a problem, you have to take it to the store to have someone adjust it for you more securely. IWC and Panerai have no such concerns, they can pass the watch. The crown is directly adjusted.