Replica Rolex new rules coming? Will the points system be used to buy popular models?

According to reports from domestic dealers, the Replica Rolex brand recently suggested that dealers use the points system for consumption statistics in the future.

As we all know, domestic Replica Rolex models are popular, such as Submariner (Water Ghost) and Daytona. It is almost impossible for you to buy these watches at the store price. If there is, it is very likely that it will be possible to buy it after “bundling”, such as tying some Tudors, or K-gold women’s models with high unit price. When your consumption amount reaches a certain level, you can buy the popular Rolex models at “public price”. It seems that the public price is actually a premium in disguise, which also leads to sometimes seeing the ugly and high public price of “40% off the rudder” in the secondary market.

Replica Rolex’s “suggestion” from the brand side looks more like a disguised rule. Just like the current Hermès marketing routine, if you want to buy Hermès’ top-notch “Himalaya” bags, the consumption amount is seven or eight hundred. Everything may not be available, and it is delusional to want to buy at a public price. People have a consumption accumulation system. You only have to buy some basic models like fighting monsters to upgrade, especially their haute couture jewelry, custom clothing, and accessories (such as bracelets). When you buy a certain “amount”, these goods may gradually become “available”, and people will even call it your love for this brand.

Hermès top-notch “Himalaya Birkin Bag”

Therefore, Rolex’s official “recommendation” is very likely to become like Hermès, with a consumption accumulation system. If you want to buy popular models in the future, then start to upgrade from those slow-selling and deadly expensive styles, such as all-K gold women’s trumpets You can only buy Rolex when you start the Datejust, and you can only buy a Rolex when you accumulate a certain amount, and then you may have the threshold to buy a popular model.

So everyone thinks that Rolex’s move will add a handful of hot oil to the now-hot Rolex? After all, how can ordinary consumers compare to those big watch dealers.