Stunning night tasting Cartier Coussin de Cartier watch

Replica Cartier launched a number of new watch products at this year’s Geneva Watch and Wonders Advanced Watch Exhibition, including the Masse Mystérieuse mysterious time watch, which was unanimously praised, and made the semi-circular movement into an oscillating weight, and the Privé series of Chinese tanks. , and the Nine Palaces Gepasha. Watch House also photographed several new products during the exhibition, including the new Coussin de Cartier series of watches. This series of watches has once again made innovative and upgraded jewelry-style watches. Today, I will borrow real pictures to come. Have a good chat with you about the Coussin de Cartier with this gem reversed.

The new Coussin de Replica Cartier series of watches, the word Coussin means pillow and cushion in French, so the signature feature of this series of watches is the classic pillow-shaped case. Precious metals and other precious metals are used as the material, and the design themes are inlaid with diamonds, colored gemstones and a more experimental soft case. Cartier also said that the watch is designed for the stunning appearance of the night.

The two-color gemstone style introduced today uses 750/1000 gold to make a pillow-shaped shell. The purity of 750/1000 is also called 18K gold, which Cartier calls its own precious metal products. The diameter of the watch is 30.44 x 33.78 mm and the thickness is 7.08 mm, which is the size of a small and exquisite ladies watch.

The whole case is inlaid with 120 Paraiba tourmalines and 56 tsavorites. These two gemstones are also known as the upstarts in the jewelry industry. Tsavorite is a green garnet. Many people comment that it is High color saturation, high brightness, high clarity, often compared with emeralds. Paraiba tourmaline, a greenish-blue color tourmaline, is often compared with aquamarine. It is equally clear and slightly greenish. It is not only beautiful in color, but also has a high price due to low production. For the new watch, Cartier created the triangular inlay process by the brand workshop. Compared with the traditional bead and claw setting, the diamond and gemstones are directly embedded in the case, and the 8 points of each gemstone and diamond are fixed more, reducing the The parts covered by metal are more dazzling and beautiful, and each inlaid slot is also handmade because of the different sizes of gemstones.

The other side of the watch features Replica Cartier’s classic bead-shaped crown, topped with a 0.13-carat brilliant-cut diamond.

The front effect of the watch can be seen to be a spiral design of the double-color treasure, which surrounds the pavé diamond disc. This diamond disc is a classic claw setting, with two gold sword-shaped hands indicating the time. This picture is also very clear, the tsavorite gemstone of the watch is inverted and inverted, and the tip is flushed, while the Paraiba tourmaline is conventionally placed upright, and the two gemstones have a contrasting effect. It can also be understood that Tsavorite turned the gemstone pavilion, the lower half of the gemstone, into a stud, which is also Cartier’s classic geometric aesthetic design element.

Flip the case back, you can see that there is no decoration on the 18K gold pocket cover, only the information including the limited number and the dog head mark is engraved. Paraiba tourmaline also extends from the spiral design to the case back. In terms of movement, the quartz movement is selected. For such a jewelry women’s watch, it is suitable, worry-free and durable. Don’t be afraid of not having the power to wind and adjust the time back and forth. It is necessary for a lady who is going to attend a feast at night to wear it when she goes out. It is a bit troublesome to have to adjust the time before the watch.

The watch is equipped with a blue calfskin strap, the surface is made of blue satin texture, the touch is very advanced and very soft and silky. The 18K gold clasp is also set with diamonds, and the whole watch with the clasp dial is set with a total of 279 brilliant-cut round diamonds, a total of 1.35

Summary: Coussin de Replica Cartier two-color gemstone watch, this time there are two works, and to be honest, it is not uncommon for the movement to be inverted, but when the gemstone is inverted and set upside down, it is really interesting to see the real thing for the first time. And the combination of Paraiba tourmaline and tsavorite, this look reminds me of the color combination of peacocks, which elevates the beauty of the watch to the extreme. As Cartier said, this series of watches is for the night. If you want to wear this watch to attend, it will definitely be more dazzling. The other style with diamonds and spinels, on the contrary, has a sense of punk style and rebelliousness. One is to interpret the jewelry watch in a cool style, and the other is extremely gorgeous. It is also a glimpse of Cartier’s profound design aesthetics. However, this two-color gemstone style is limited to 30 pieces. If you like it, you can consult your local store.