The combination of square and circle presents a different geometric beauty

A very common and perhaps long-debated question: which one looks better, round or square? Maybe the round shape is the more mainstream design form, but you can also see some classic watches with a square design, which stand out and are highly sought after among the round watches. Later, in the tangle of choosing between square and round, a watch that combines square and round appeared, showing a different geometric beauty, and also gave a result to those who do not know how to choose between square and round. Today I found a watch with a public price of 50,000-60,000 yuan for everyone, let’s take a look.

Replica Panerai LUMINOR series PAM01124

Product Model: PAM01124
Domestic public price: ¥56100
Watch Diameter: 42mm
Movement Model: P.900
Case material: 1.4435 stainless steel and 1.4441 stainless steel
Waterproof depth: 30 meters

Watch review: This new Replica Panerai Submersible Blu Notte watch is the first 42mm sneaker watch with a stainless steel bracelet. The shape of the bracelet echoes Panerai’s classic crown bridge protection device, which was originally designed to ensure the waterproof performance of the watch and protect the crown from external forces. The case of the watch is made of 1.4435 stainless steel and 1.4441 stainless steel, with a blue sunray dial. While continuing Replica Panerai’s previous sophisticated and rigorous mechanical sense, it more vividly demonstrates the Italian style and formal dress full of urban flavor. The unique style of the watch. The brand’s watch is equipped with a P.900 mechanical movement with a power reserve of 72 hours.

Summary: The watch can be said to have a very high degree of recognition in terms of appearance design. The combination of square and circle, the outer square and inner circle are similar to square but not square, and the design of circle is not circular, giving people a sense of mystery, and combining geometric The unique beauty of the lines is vividly reflected. If you like this kind of watch, you might as well pay more attention to it.