【Quark・Modern Labor Appreciation】Rolex Creeper

Hello everyone, today I will share with you a little bit about the last Replica Rolex Creeper.

In the log series that debuted in 2004, there is a watch with [TURN-O-GRAPH] printed on the dial, which is referred to as T-O-G for short, which is like the pronunciation of English Tiger, so it was named by watch friends as creeping tiger. The original Creeper series Ref.6202, born in 1953, is the first Rolex watch with a rotatable bezel. It can be said to be the prototype of the sports model.

There are 3 gold models in the Creeper series watches, which are:

Rose Gold Ref.116261

Gold Ref.116263

Platinum Ref.116264

Their dial features are the 6 o’clock direction [TURN-O-GRAPH] the English font color is red, and the color of the second hand and the calendar is also the same as that of the Creeper LOGO font. However, Ref.116263 is quite special. It has a Japanese limited version with the LOGO, second hand, and calendar color all green. The dial color has two styles of black and white, and the output of each color is only 300 rare styles.

In terms of bracelets, the Creeper is also the same as other log-type styles. There are two kinds of bracelets, the five-baht bracelet and the oyster bracelet, which can be matched according to your own preferences in different occasions. But now the more common style of the Oyster bracelet on the market.

The Creeper is a relatively special watch in Replica Rolex. It is based on the classic design of the log series and is equipped with a bezel that can be rotated like a sports model. It is considered to be in the middle series of sports models and non-sport models. It has been discontinued for about a year.

Here is Quark, take you to explore and understand the different world of Replica Rolex.