Million-level perpetual calendar, just buy it if you like it

How do you usually calculate the average leap year? My usual method is to check the number of days in February of the current year, 28 days is a normal year, and 29 days is a leap year (of course, it is not the most rigorous method). In the watchmaking industry, the perpetual calendar function is very professional. It means that the watch has the function of displaying the date, week, and month, and can automatically adjust the size of the month (31 days or 30 days) and the 28 days or 29 days of February. day to adjust. Some watch fans are very partial to perpetual calendar watches, thinking that this is a very practical complication. In today’s article, we will introduce you to a top-level and classic perpetual calendar watch.

Replica Patek Philippe Grand Complication Chronograph 5236P-001 Watch

Product model: 5236P-001

Watch diameter: 41.3 mm

Movement type: automatic

Movement model: 31-260 PS QL

Case Material: Platinum

Waterproof depth: 30 meters

Watch review: In 2021, Replica Patek Philippe launched the new “One Line Sky” perpetual calendar 5236P. The watch features a 41.3 mm platinum case with a thickness of 11.07 mm. Blue dial with a vertical satin finish with a black gradient from the center to the sides. If you are not very proficient, is it difficult to imagine that this is a million-level watch when you see such a “simple” dial design? Where is it expensive? A major factor is the application of the “One Line Sky” perpetual calendar technology. The so-called “one-line day” means that the three windows of the week, date and month line up in a line. In a space of 41.3 mm, it is not easy to ensure that the three windows are side by side while being clear enough. To this end, Patek Philippe uses 4 rotating discs to ensure that the day, date and month are displayed at a glance. This new type of display device (especially the two date discs) requires 118 more parts than the traditional perpetual calendar display device! The dial is designed with a small three-hand design, and the small seconds dial and the moon phase dial are at 6 o’clock. There are also two dots on both sides of the small seconds dial, the left is the day and night display, and the right is the leap year display. The watch is equipped with a 31-260 PS QL self-winding movement. This movement is re-adjusted by the designer while retaining the diameter and thickness of the basic movement. It is suitable for a very energy-consuming perpetual calendar device, providing 38-48 hourly power.

Summary: The Replica Patek Philippe First-Line Sky Perpetual Calendar may not be amazing at first glance, but it is very durable. Watch friends describe it as “the design is very pleasing, technically speaking, and the size is well controlled.” When it comes to a perpetual calendar watch, does anyone immediately think of a gimmicky dial design? In fact, through this watch today, it is not difficult for us to find that the perpetual calendar can also be very simple in design. Complicated functions are easily reflected, perhaps this is the most difficult.