The watch worn by the prince of the Emirate of Ajman in the United Arab Emirates has exploded again!

As one of the most fashionable luxury goods at the moment, the watch has long become a symbol of the status of celebrities from all walks of life, especially some high-end, unique and difficult to obtain watches, which can better highlight the wearer’s taste and status. The watches worn by some celebrities and internet celebrities often arouse discussions among watch enthusiasts. For example, the watch worn by @aj.ammar, the prince of Ajman, UAE, is one of the most popular watches recently.

Well-known watch blogger @insaneluxurylife shared the origin of this watch, which was remodeled by German brand AET REMOULD (@aet_remould_official_) based on the Replica Rolex Daytona, and the dial has been redesigned, inspired by the Abu Dhabi Yas Marina Race Road, the track is the famous F1 finale, so the watch is also named Abu Dhabi Sapphire Crystal Special Edition.

As the name suggests, the watch’s case is made of sapphire crystal, giving it a very pure look and feel. The blue scale circle, chronograph three-eye circle and text logo on the dial all use Abu Dhabi blue color. In the racing world, this is a color representing speed, which highlights the racing of motorsports on the watch. feel. According to AET REMOULD, the design of the three-eye circle on the dial also refers to the car dashboard, which combines racing elements to show a more sporty spirit.

In fact, this is not the first time AET REMOULD has used color to highlight the core of the design. For example, they have also launched a ceramic version of the Abu Dhabi watch before. The use of colors is more bold and unrestrained. Abu Dhabi blue covers the entire dial, with a white and pure ceramic case and strap, showing a unique watch. beauty.

Not only that, but AET REMOULD’s British Racing Green watch also contains this design concept. They extracted the most iconic color, racing green, and applied it to the watch design. The dial and bezel digital scales were integrated into this color, with a white ceramic case. With the strap, it also has a very pure racing feeling.

In general, AET REMOULD’s watch design always contains a very unique spiritual core, and its unique temperament has made it loved by many celebrities. Of course, as a leader in the field of watch design and transformation, AET REMOULD’s watch products are far more than these. After that, I will continue to share those interesting and soulful products with you.